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Global Noni Juice Increased From 9.82 Million Litres In 2017 To 19.37 Million Million Litres In 2025
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For industry structure analysis, the Noni Juice industry is not concentrated. These manufacturers range from large multinational corporations to small privately owned companies compete in this industry. The top five producers account for about 29% of the revenue market. By application, Food & Beverage is the biggest consumption volume area, which is about 74% of Noni Juice industry in 2017.  Major players in the industry include: Morinda Holdings,Inc, Noni Biotech, Royal Noni Fiji, Melaleuca, Healing Noni, etc.

The sales of Noni Juice increased from 9.82 million litres in 2017 to 19.37 million million litres in 2025 with an average growth rate of 8.86%.

The classification includes Natural Noni Juice and Organic Noni Juice. Natural Noni Juice is expected to remain dominant in the Noni Juice market throughout the forecast period with a revenue share of 65% in 2025.

Increasing inclination of the consumers towards health befitting products is expected to propel the growth of noni juice market. Noni juice is attributed to prevent the risk of cancer, helps in proper functioning of the liver and heart and also helps to prevent certain health conditions such as gout and diabetes. Hence, gaining traction in nutraceutical industry. Apart from these health benefits, noni juice also poses antioxidant properties which further exerts antifungal, antibacterial and antipsychotic effects which helps in preventing conditions such as arthritis. 

Hence, broad spectrum of health benefits, is expected to propel the growth of noni juice market. With presence of anthraquinones noni juice has a stimulating effect on the skin and prevents the early wrinkle formation. Moreover, presence of biochemical component proxeronine and essential fatty acid, it helps in smooth functioning of cell membrane which, thereby, help to restore healthy skin. Hence, is extensively used in personal care industry. Also, increasing demand for natural and organic products among consumers is also expected to spur the demand for noni juice as it can be obtained naturally and organically.