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Global Piperylene Sales Increased From 502.1 K MT In 2013 To 621.7 K MT In 2017
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Piperylene, is an olefins co-product produced during the manufacturing process. It is mainly used to produce hydrocarbon resins with applications in various industries, such as adhesives, paints, rubbers and so on. Among those applications, demand from adhesives industry is the largest one, holding 77.50% share in 2017.

Many piperylene manufacturers have overall industry chains, from the upstream industries to downstream industries, which mean that they have sufficient raw materials and they also expand their piperylene chain to the hydrocarbon resins fields.

Global sales of piperylene increased from 502.1 K MT in 2013 to 621.7 K MT in 2017. Asia Pacific, Europe and North America are the major consumption regions of piperylene. Nearly 94% of piperylene was consumed by the three regions in 2017.

Besides, China is the largest consumer of piperylene. The country consumed 227.4 K MT of piperylene in 2017.

With recovery of downstream industries, demand of hydrocarbon resins keeps upward tendency, stimulating the industry development of piperylene accordingly. It is estimated that global piperylene industry will be up with an estimated value of 1101 million USD in 2024, with the CAGR of 6.03% during the period 2017 to 2024.