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Global Plasma Etch System Market Size Reached 3.55 B USD In 2016
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The large downstream demand for Plasma Etch System has been and still remains fairly stable. The Global market size for Plasma Etch System reached 3.55 B USD in 2016 from 2.2 USD in 2012. 

North America ranks the top in terms of global market size of Plasma Etch System, it consists of 48.57% of the international market in 2016. Japan comes the second, with 20.03% of the global market. Europe consists of 12.51% of the Plasma Etch System market in the same year, the other regions all together consist of 8.81%.
Applied Materials, Inc. ranks the first in terms of revenue share in Global market of Plasma Etch System, occupies 24.12% of market share in 2016; While, Lam Research, with a market share of 22.89%, comes the second; Tokyo Electron Limited, with a market share of 17.36% in 2016, comes the third. All the other manufacturers which are not included in the report together consist of approximately 27.02% of the global market in 2016.
In the next five years, the global consumption of Plasma Etch System will show upward tendency further, market size is expected to be about 7.20 B USD by 2022, CAGR will be 12.52% from 2016 to 2022. Despite the presence of fierce competition and the trend of price decrease, due to the stable demand, together with the development of the related industries. Investors are quite optimistic about this industry. There will be more new investors entering this field in the near future.