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Global Prosthetic Liners Revenue Market Was Valued At 447.02 M Usd In 2017
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The global revenue of Prosthetic Liners market was valued at 447.02 M USD in 2017 and is expected to reach 616.86 M USD in 2025. In the future eight years, we predict the CAGR of global revenue is 4.11%.

North America has the largest global Sales Volume in Prosthetic Liners market, while the Europe is the second sales volume market for Prosthetic Liners in 2017. 

In the industry, Ottobock profits most in 2017 and recent years, while Ossur and Willow Wood
ranked 2 and 3.The market share of them is 41.31%, 20.46% and 5.36% in 2017.The gap of market share is keep on enlarged due to different strategy.Nowadays, there are three mainly types of Prosthetic Liners, including TPE Liner , PUR liner. And Silicone Liner is the main type for Prosthetic Liners, and the Silicone Liner reached a sales volume of approximately 1432.61  K Unit in 2017, with 60.18% of global sales volume.

The global prosthetic liners market is witnessing significant growth owing to the rapidly increasing geriatric population, rising incidence of road accidents, and technological developments. A report published by the United Nations Population Division stated that the global geriatric population is expected to rise from 841 million in 2013 to 2 billion by 2050. It also revealed that people aged 80 years and above accounted for 14% of the global geriatric population in 2013 and the percentage is projected to reach 19% by 2050. Therefore, consistent rise in the geriatric population across the world is expected to be one of the major factors fueling the growth of the prosthetic liners market. Moreover, increasing number of road injuries is a major factor propelling the growth of the prosthetic liners market. According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries are the primary cause of death in people aged between 15 years and 29 years. More than 85% of the total on road fatalities occur in developing nations.