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North America Protocol Analyzer Market Will Increase To 331.07 M USD In 2018
Friday, 14 Aug, 2020
Protocol analyzer is the testing and verification of network elements, network services, and network performance, which ensures network reliability and interoperability between network elements. It allows capturing the data traffic generated by various protocols including advanced switching interconnect (ASI), Fiber channel (FC), and PCI express (PCIe). Protocol Analyzer forms the basis of communication between the controller PC and serial I/O modules.

A Network Protocol Analyzer is a tool used to capture and analyze signals and data traffic over a communication channel. It is a tool for troubleshooting, securing, analyzing, and maintaining productive, efficient networking infrastructures. Network protocol analysis is the truth serum of network communications. A network protocol analyzer is a vital part of a network administrator's toolkit. Network protocol analysis is the truth serum of network communications.

Market segment by manufacturers, this report covers:
Teledyne LeCroy
Keysight Technologies
Rohde & Schwarz
Viavi Solutions
Total Phase
AWT Global (AceWavetech)
Utel Systems

The market size of Protocol Analyzer is estimated to be 945 M USD in 2019 and is expected to reach 1009 M USD in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 1.32% from 2018 to 2024. Overall, the protocol analyzer products performance is at a stable develop period, new technologies and innovation products will be major drivers of the market growth in future.

Protocol Analyzer have wide range of applications, such as Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Broadcast and Media Industry, etc., Broadcast and media was the most widely used area which took up about 41.74% of the global total in 2018. 

Protocol Analyzer are mainly classified into the following types: USB Analyzer, SPI/I2C Analyzer and Others. USB Analyzer is the most widely used type which takes up about 63.67% of the total in 2018 in the Global market, it is also forecasted to grow at a higher CAGR.

In the market, revenue of Protocol Analyzer in North America will increase to be 360.7 M USD in 2024 from 331.07 M USD in 2018, which is the biggest consumption area in current market pattern. Europe is the second largest consumption area, with sales revenue and market share of 287.84 M USD and 30.62% in 2018.

In the past years, few companies sold their Protocol Analyzer business, or discontinued some models, the market is going to be more concentrated for hardware products, while software and service market may see some growth, with the developing new technologies.