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Global Production Of Pv Solar Energy Charge Controller Had Up To 7685.4 K Units In 2017
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PV Solar charge controllers, also known as solar charge regulators, are used in solar energy systems to protect the battery from being overcharged and over-discharged. The main types of solar charge controllers in this report covered MPPT and PWM. Off-grid PV power generation system is widely used in remote mountainous area, area and island without electricity, communication base station and other application places, etc. Distributed PV off-grid generation system is the PV power generating system which install in the roof. Distributed PV generation system can be installed in any place with sunshine, including ground, The top of the buildings, side elevation, balcony etc. especially used in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, villas, houses, factories, enterprises and institutions roof, carport, bus stop. The system is generally composed of PV array, solar charge controller, battery, off-grid inverter, dc load and ac load, etc.

According to this study, the global production of PV Solar Energy Charge Controller had up to 7685.4 K units in 2017 from 5298.7 K units in 2013. The global PV Solar Energy Charge Controller market is expected to reach $ 380.36 Million USD in 2025 from $ 290.85 Million USD in 2017, at a CAGR of 3.41% from 2017 to 2025. 

The key players in the global PV Solar Energy Charge Controller market are Phocos, Morningstar, Steca, Shuori New Energy, Beijing Epsolar, OutBack Power, Remote Power and among others. Of the major players of the PV Solar Energy Charge Controller market, Phocos maintained its first place in the ranking in 2017. Phocos accounted for 18.71% of the Global harmonic drive revenue market share in 2017. Other players accounted for 12.56 %, 6.87 % including Morningstar and Steca.

In 2017, major demand was accounted 53.40 % from Asia-Pacific. Other major demand is expected from emerging markets of India, Americas and MEA.

PV Solar Energy Charge Controller demand is applied in Industrial & Commercial, such as Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Commercial Lighting, Monitoring/Surveillance, Traffic, and Railroad, and Residential & Rural Electrification. As of 2017, Industrial & Commercial application of the PV Solar Energy Charge Controller is the largest segment market with a market share of 92.14 percent.