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Global Quartz Stone market that was valued at 4467.79 million USD in 2013 is estimated to be worth 7362.08 million USD by the end of 2017
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With the development of social economy and improvement of living standard, the demand of Quartz Stone constantly increased in these years. In 2017, the global Quartz Stone market is led by Asia-Pacific, capturing about 36.12% of global Quartz Stone production. North America is the second-largest region-wise market with 30.20% global production share. At present, this industry is dispersion. The major manufacturers of quartz stone are concentrated in Cosentino Group, Caesarstone, Hanwha L&C, Compac and Vicostone. The global Quartz Stone market that was valued at 4467.79 million USD in 2013 is estimated to be worth 7362.08 million USD by the end of 2017, registering growth at an impressive CAGR of 13.30%.


Quality Quartz Stone is used for a range of applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and counters, and custom solutions for home and commercial interiors. Recently Quartz Stone has acquired increasing significance in various fields of residential Quartz Stone and commercial Quartz Stone. Globally, the Quartz Stone market is mainly driven by growing demand for residential Quartz Stone which accounts for nearly 60.90% of total downstream consumption of Quartz Stone in global.


To increase the profitability and competitiveness, Quartz Stone manufacturers increased investment in the R&D and product design process. According to our forecast, the demand for Quartz Stone will slowly grow due to the increasing need for the rise of architectural decoration. This also means the new tech application may extensively change the traditional industry standard and bring more opportunities for tech-oriented companies. While some manufacturers produce particular Quartz Stone to fit the consumers’ demands.


The classifications of quartz stone are Quartz Stone surface, quartz stone tile, etc. It can be widely used in many industries. Survey results showed that 64.35% of the Quartz market is quartz surface in 2017.


According to our research and analysis, manufacturers from North America and Europe are the major leaders in the international market of quartz stone. Manufacturers from China are immature in technology. There is large space in the China market, as well as big gap between international brands and local brands on price.


Conclusively, the Quartz Stone manufacture industry has an expected future, the markets will still growing over time. So in the next few years, Quartz Stone production will show a trend of steady growth. In 2025 the production of Quartz Stone is estimated to be 112417 K Sq. m.