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Global Rebar Detector Market Revenue Was About 100.91 M USD In 2018
Wednesday, 19 Aug, 2020
Non Destructive Testing (NDT) methods are popular for routine inspection of bridge members. With the ability of new highly technical systems, some of these NDT techniques can be used for reinforcing steel rebar location in concrete bridge decks without destruction of the members being tested. Use of these techniques has the ability to minimize traffic restrictions related to field data collection and to improve design and asset management.

Rebar detector is one of the NDT, which are used to locate the steel bar embedded in concrete before drilling and before taking core test.

It is the easiest and fastest ways for detecting reinforcing bar in concrete. It is widely used before coring or drilling holes to find “safe spots”.

It will indicate rebar location, direction and also will give an indication of the depth of concrete cover.

The global Rebar Detector revenue was about 100.91 M USD by the end of 2018, which is expected to reach 147.97 M USD in 2025. Overall, the Rebar Detector products performance is positive with the current environment status.

Currently, there are many players in this market. HILTI, Bosch, Proceq, Elcometer, ZBL and some others are playing important roles in Rebar Detector industry. The market is relatively concentrated for now and is seeing to be more concentrated.

In market, revenue of Rebar Detector in Europe will increase to be 63.76 M USD in 2025 from 44.06 M USD in 2018, which is the biggest consumption area in current market pattern. North America ranks the second largest consumption area, with revenue and market share of 30.64 M USD and 30.36% in 2018.

There are many different types of Rebar Detector. The market can be segmented into: Handheld Type and Laptop Type. Handheld Type is the most commonly used and efficient types and took 74.38% market share in 2018. By application, Construction is the largest consumer group, with market share of 91.51% in 2018.

In the past few years, the price of Rebar Detector shown a slightly decreasing trend and we expect the price may keep the trend in a short period. However, as the improvement of energy, transportation costs, employee wages, and equipment depreciation will play a significant role in promoting the cost of Rebar Detector. Therefore, to some extent, the companies are facing a risk of profit decline. In order to keep profit, the price may keep the trend in a short period.

Companies are focusing on technological innovation, equipment upgrades, and process improvements, to reduce costs and improve quality. The total competition market for Rebar Detector will become more intense, while the market is going to be more concentrated for high end Rebar Detector.