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Global Total Consumption Had Increased From 4260.3 Kilo Ton In 2013 To 5123.6 Kilo Ton In 2017
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Sound absorbing material is used to reduce noise and control sound, so it is an important material. Currently, there are many kinds of sound absorbing materials, such as acoustic plastic foam, glass wool and stone wool etc. Porous material panel is major type. In 2017, glass?wool took a sales share of 39.45%, with a sales amount of 2021.3 Kilo ton..

There are many manufacturers all over the world. Global major manufacturers are Saint-Gobain, ROCKWOOL, Knauf Insulation, Owens Corning, Johns Manville, Minwool Rock Fibres, Ravaber, NGP Industries, Dow Automotive Systems, BASF, Petralana, Pyrotek, Beiyang, Paulstra, Guozhihuifu Polymer Material and global other etc. During all those companies, Saint-Gobain is leader with sales of 400.1 kilo ton in 2017. 

Global sound absorbing material consumption area is mainly concentrate in China, North America and Europe. In 2017, China consumed about 31.06% of global total sound absorbing material. It is a major export country. North America consumed about 1207.1 kilo ton sound absorbing material. Europe consumed 1432.7 kilo ton sound absorbing material, with a consumption share of 27.96%. 

Global total consumption had increased from 4260.3 kilo ton in 2013 to 5123.6 kilo ton in 2017, with an average increase rate of 4.72%. In the future, global consumption will increase to 6965.9 kilo ton in 2024.