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Global Sous Vide Cooking Machine Market Sales Is Expected To Reach 6302 K Units In 2025
Thursday, 03 Sep, 2020
Sous vide is a unique process of cooking, the food must be packaged in a vacuum sealed bag, and then cooked at a low and consistent temperature in a water bath. The process started in France and has been growing in popularity; used by chefs on “Top Chef” and “The Taste”, as well as restaurants all over. The low consistent temperature ensures the food is cooked evenly throughout; this is why when you order steaks at a restaurant, they are so juicy and tender.

In the next few years (2019-2025), the global market sales of Sous Vide Cooking Machine will grow at a 22.54% CAGR, Total sales is expected to reach 6302 K Units in 2025, and global sales revenue of Sous Vide Cooking Machine is estimated to reach 925 million USD by the year 2025, with CAGR of 19.83% from 2018.

The following manufacturers are covered:
PolyScience Culinary
SousVide Supreme
Anova and ChefSteps are the biggest two players in Sous Vide Cooking Machine market, with about 30.08% and 8.34% market share separately in 2018.

According to the statistical data, Demand cannot be satisfied with supply for now. Currently, Sous Vide Cooking Machine market has a certain potential in USA, Europe and Asia Market. These areas demand will keep rapid growth.

With more and more intense competition within the industry, the price of Sous Vide Cooking Machine was decreasing in past few years. Sous vide equipment has existed for decades in professional kitchens around the world, but it has always been bulky, expensive, and overloaded with complex features. This type of equipment eventually made its way into high-end specialty retail shops, but remained limited to chefs and consumers with extensive culinary experience.

Cooking shows, social media, and online communities have furthered consumers’ knowledge of sous vide cooking, but it wasn’t until Anova released the first affordable and easy-to-use consumer device that sous vide became accessible to home cooks. There are now many sous vide options available to the home cook.

Each of the Sous Vide Cooking Machine manufacturers has its own mature sales networks. Through retail stores, their authorized distributors or their partners, those Sous Vide Cooking Machine manufacturers keep keen on expanding their Sous Vide Cooking Machine sales. To achieve better sales businesses, Sous Vide Cooking Machine manufacturers usually invest on their marketing channel infrastructure every year.