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Global Soy Isoflavones Increases From 1328 MT In 2013 To 2428 MT In 2017
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In global market, the sales of Soy Isoflavones increases from 1328 MT in 2013 to 2428 MT in 2017, at a CAGR of 16.28%. In 2017, the global Soy Isoflavones production market is led by North America, capturing about 50.74% of global Soy Isoflavones production. China is the second-largest region-wise market with 30.89% global production share. 

At present, the major manufacturers of Soy Isoflavones are concentrated in ADM, Frutarom, Solbar Industries, Alpro, Sanwei, etc. ADM is the world leader, holding 41.74% production market share in 2017.

In application, Soy Isoflavones downstream is wide and recently Soy Isoflavones has acquired increasing significance in various fields of Medicine, Dietary Supplements and others. Globally, the Soy Isoflavones market is mainly driven by growing demand for Dietary Supplements which accounts for nearly 87.60% of total downstream consumption of Soy Isoflavones in global.

In the future, global market is expected to witness significant growth on account of rising applications, so in the next few years, Soy Isoflavones production will show a trend of steady growth. In 2025 the production of Soy Isoflavones is estimated to be 8341 MT.