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Global Stable Isotopes Market Was 317 USD Million In 2017
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North America plays an important role in global stable isotopes market, with a market share of 50.5% in 2017 and is expected to show a similar trend during the forecast period, especially in United States, it has great influence on the development of stable isotopes.

The Europe market is mature and developed stably in the past few years and will keep the trend in the next years, it was 97.4 USD Million in 2017 and will reach 114.9 USD million in 2024, with a CAGR of 2.39% between 2017 and 2024. But in 2017, Europe is also full of much uncertainty, from political elections, trade policy and historical problems.

The Asia-Pacific will take an increasing significant part in global stable isotopes market, due to the strong demand from China, India and Southeast Asian countries. It was 45.1 USD million in 2017 in Asia-Pacific, and it is predicted that the market size will reach 57 USD million in 2024, with a market share of 3.41 % in global stable isotopes market.

The sales of stable isotopes are 2549.1 Kg, valued at 2317 Million USD in 2017. And the global sale is expected to reach 3434.6 Kg in 2024 with a 3.65% growth rate. Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, JSC Isotope, Center of Molecular Research, Shanghai Engineering Research Center, Urenco and NHTC are the world's leading stable isotope manufacturers. Cambridge Isotope Laboratories is the world's largest manufacturer of 18O and 13C. Shanghai Engineering Research Center is the world's largest 15N manufacturer. JSC Isotope is capable of producing more than 200 stable isotopes. The company has the most comprehensive production line. The development of scientific research and the medical industry are the main factors driving the industry forward.

North America is the largest consumer by regions. North America accounted about 49% consumption market share in 2017. Europe is the second largest with 32% market share. Asia Pacific is the following consumption region with 14% consumption market share. Among those regions, USA, Russia, China and France are leading consumption countries of stable isotopes. 

USA is the largest consumption country in 2017 with 1160.7 Kg. While the U.S. produces a significant number of the isotopes used by researchers, industry and the medical community, the U.S. is dependent upon foreign sources for many. Historically the U.S. provided almost all of the isotopes that were required for domestic consumption or, in special cases, acquired them from long-time allies. But beginning in the 1990’s other governments began to view the isotope industry as a high tech growth industry, and subsidized the production and sale of isotopes, targeting U.S. companies. The result is that U.S. industry has been switching its buying from the U.S. and DOE to foreign sources of supply. The most source of stable isotopes come from the Russian Federation. For FY 2018, the GIR foresees moderate growth in isotope demand of US and global.