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Europe Stainless Steel Consumed About 61658 K Units With A Consumption Share Of 34.91% In 2017
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Depending on high performance and affordable price, stainless steel cookware is wildly used in diary life. Leaning on abundant raw material resource and cheap labor cost, China is a leading production region. Also, it is an important OEM region globally. 

Globally, stainless steel cookware market concentrate is low and there are many suppliers all over the world, since production technology is mature. Global famous suppliers include SEB, ZWILLING, Fissler, WMF, Newell, Cuisinart, Vinod, MEYER, ASD, Linkfair, Guanhua, Anotech and Homichef etc. SEB is a global leader supplier, whose sale revenue was 1456.66 Million USD in 2017, accounting for 23.18% of global total revenue. SEB had acquired MEYER and EMSA in 2016, which are all Germany famous manufacturers. Otherwise, SEB is an actual holding company of Supor which is an important China local brand.

Stainless steel cookware consumption region is related to people’s eating habits. Regionally, it is mainly consumed in Europe, North America and Asia. In 2017, Europe consumed about 61658 K Units, with a consumption share of 34.91%. Asia consumed 41.82% of global total consumption.

During past five years, with the increasing of industry and economy, global cookware sales revenue increased from 4.78 billion USD in 2013 to 6.28 billion USD in 2017, with a CAGR of 7.07%. 

In the future, global consumption will continue to increase. By 2024, global consumption will be 264 Million Units, while sales revenue will be 9.725 billion USD. Also, Asia has great potential in cookware industry.