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Global Tertiary Dodecyl Mercaptan(TDM) Market Is Valued At USD 240 Million In 2017
Monday, 22 Jun, 2020
Tert-Dodecyl Mercaptan (TDM) is colorless oil liquid, and diffuses foul smell. It is insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone, benzene, gasoline and other organic solvents and esters. It is mainly used as molecular weight modifier.

1. Market Status

Under the background of slower economy growth rate, companies face the higher risks of profit decline. Currently, tert-dodecyl mercaptan market has a certain potential in USA, China and India. Demand in these areas is relatively stable. Currently, Chevron Phillips, Arkema, ISU and Sanshin Chemical Industry four enterprises are the most important production companies. Currently, the concentration degree of the industry is high; Chevron Phillips, Arkema, ISU and Sanshin Chemical Industry control this industry. 

2. Manufacture and Consumption Areas
In the world, the consumption areas of tert-dodecyl mercaptan are mainly concentrated in China, North America, Korea and Japan. China is the largest consumer in the world, which occupied about 37% in 2017. The production areas of tert-dodecyl mercaptan are mainly USA, and Europe. Moreover, Chevronphillips is the largest manufacturer in the world, which production has reached 42K MT in 2017. In the future, we believe that demand in Asia Pacific will continue to increase. At the same time, the demand for the United States, Japan and Europe will remain stable.

3. Technology Status

All of the manufacturers in the world are committed to the improvement of product. At the same time, many manufacturers are improving their technology. There are several institutes in China are studying the production of this product, but due to the relatively high cost, it has restricted its commercialization.

4. Product Price

TDM products belong to petrochemical downstream products, so the price is mainly determined by the raw materials, raw material price fluctuation is low in the last three years,But with the 2017-2018 upstream prices continue to rise. Product prices will gradually increase.