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Global Production Of TMAH Increase From 190550 MT In 2013 To 250421 MT In 2017
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TMAH can be divided into two types according to its applications, Industrial Grade and Electronic Grade. Electronic Grade achieves good growth in recent years. In 2017, about 64.86% TMAH went into semiconductor industry.

Global production of TMAH increase from 190550 MT in 2013 to 250421 MT in 2017. Korea, China and Taiwan are the key producers of TMAH. Korea accounted for 33.29% production share globally. Local producer, Hantok Chemical, owns about 20% market share globally.

As for consumption, Korea, Taiwan and China are also key consumers of electronic grade TMAH. Korea is the largest one of electronic grade. China still has to depend on import to meet demand in electronic industry.

Demand of TMAH from semiconductor industry stimulates the new capacity release for electronic grade. In the past few years, the TFT-LCD production base pattern has changed with China accounting for more market share. It is estimated that China TMAH will experience faster growth in the coming few years and global TMAH market will be worthy of 1215.62 million USD in 2024.