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In 2016, Global Thermostatic Baths total market size was 172.95 Million USD
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Thermostatic Baths are laboratory equipment that are used to incubate or maintain samples at a constant temperature over long periods of time. They consist of a metal or transparent plastic container that is filled with heated fluid. The most commonly used types are water bath and oil bath, others like sand baths, or silicone baths are often used for specific applications. Based on Bath Container Size/Capacity, Thermostatic Baths below 10 L composed of most market share, about 62% in 2016.


In 2016, Global Thermostatic Baths total market size was 172.95 Million USD, with a steady growth in recent years, according to GIR analysis, the market is expected to reach 217.84 Million USD by the end of 2022, while total sales is forecast to reach 143.3 K Units by 2022. Increased energy efficiency is expected to gain traction in the market over the forecast period. In addition, rising levels of automation will lead to smarter equipment, reducing human input in the near future.


The biggest market drivers are expansion and increase in the number of research and testing facilities worldwide. Steady growth of the primary end-user industries for Thermostatic baths will also help the market to grow over the future period. Major challenge inhibiting the growth of the global water bath market is the introduction of metal baths (mainly bead bath). Though with higher cost, the special advantages over water baths may keep the metal bath market continuously expanded scale and seize more market share.


Geographically, the consumption market is leading by North America and Europe, sales in Asia Pacific regions like China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India will see significant growth in future period. In terms of year 2016, Europe holds the largest market share, with about 41.72 K Units sold, followed by North America, with about 33.71% market share in 2016.


JULABO and Lauda are the biggest two players in Thermostatic Baths market, with about 22.38% and 16.67% market share separately in 2016. Other leading market players in Thermostatic Baths market include Sheldon Manufacturing, IKA, J.P Selecta, Grant, FALC, Memmert, Huber, Fungilab, PolyScience and etc. the market competition may become more intense with more innovation products, acquisitions and improvement of raw material cost control and etc.