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Global Enteral Feeding Devices Revenue Is Nearly 2385 M USD In 2017
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Enteral feeding device is a medical device which delivers nutrition or medications directly in the stomach or intestine. Enteral feeding devices are commonly used to feed the specialized diets in elderly or bedridden patients suffering from chronic ailments.  It is the preferred route of nutrition delivery as compared to parenteral feeding because enteral feeding avoids complications, such as infection, sepsis, liver & gallbladder disorders, and commonly associated with parenteral nutrition.

The major players in global Enteral Feeding Devices market include: Danone, Fresenius, Nestle, Cardinal Health, Abbott, B. Braun, Moog, Avanos Medical, Cook Medical, Boston Scientific, ConMed, C. R. Bard, Applied Medical Technology, Alcor Scientific.

On the basis of product, the Enteral Feeding Devices e market is primarily split into: Enteral Feeding Pumps, Enteral Feeding Tubes , Consumables.

On the basis on the end users/applications, this report covers: Hospitals, Home Care, Oncology, Gastroenterology, Neurology , Diabetes, Other.

In the last several years, global market of Enteral Feeding Devices developed rapidly, with an average growth rate of 7.28%. In 2017, global revenue of Enteral Feeding Devices is nearly 2385 M USD; the actual production is about 22.63 million units.

The classification of Enteral Feeding Devices includes Enteral Feeding Pumps, Enteral Feeding Tubes and Consumables. And the proportion of Enteral Feeding Pumps in 2017 is about 57%, and the proportion is stable from 2013 to 2017.

Enteral Feeding Devices is widely sales for Hospitals and Home Care. The most proportion of Enteral Feeding Devices is for Hospitals, and the consumption proportion is about 65% in 2017. Home Care is the highest growth application with average growth rate over 8%.

Europe is the largest consumption place, with a consumption market share nearly 44% in 2017. Following Europe, North America is the second largest consumption place with the consumption market share of 32%. 

Market competition is intense. Danone, Fresenius, Nestle and Cardinal Health are the leaders of the industry, and hold key technologies, with high-end customers, have been formed in the monopoly position in the industry. They are also the main international exporters. However, with further expanding market, there will be more manufactures in the future.