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Infrared Heaters Global Market Analysis 2018
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First, for industry structure analysis, the Infrared Heaters industry is relatively concentrated. These manufacturers range from large multinational corporations to small privately owned companies compete in this industry. The top five producers account for about 45.35 % of the revenue market. Regionally, Europe is the biggest production value area, also the leader in the whole Infrared Heaters industry.

Second, the production of Infrared Heaters increased from 2.57 million units in 2011 to 3.44 million units in 2015 with an average growth rate of 6.91%.

Third, China occupied 39.22% of the production market in 2015. It is followed by Europe and North America, which respectively account for around 28.04% and 19.94% of the global total industry. Other countries have a smaller amount of production. Geographically, Europe was the largest consumption market in the world, which took about 32.30% of the global consumption volume in 2015.